Church Council

We are all in ministry at First Church, but some folks go the extra mile and serve on various boards, teams and committees.

The Church Council of the First United Methodist Church is responsible for working toward meshing the church's mission and vision with the financial resources and facilities, as well as the gifts and talents of the pastors, staff, and church members. Contact the Church Council.

In addition to the Church Council, there are currently five standing committees: Board of Trustrees, Communications, Finance, Nominations, and Staff Parish Relations.

Learn about the many and varied volunteer opportunities within First Church ministries. If you would like to help volunteer for any of these opportunities please call the church office at 608-256-9061 or submit a volunteer interest form.


Church Council 

Abby Ehringer, Lay Leader

Ellen Carlson, Chair

Paul Nagel, Immediate Past President

Steve Schooler, Treasurer

Jesse Simpson

Erin Hastey, Secretary

Connie Haessly

Caroline Altfeather

Paula Primm

Ex Officio:
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler, Lead Pastor,
Tina Lang, Executive Associate Pastor

Standing Committees 

Board of Trustees

Carrol Spencer, Chair
Bryan Burris, Secretary
Bruce Marion
Brooke Seeliger
Bill White
Tom Gobel
Karen Wydeven
Sarah Emerson

Ex Officio:
Sarah Flanagan, Director of Finance and Operations
Dennis Anderson, Facilities Supervisor

Finance Committee

Steve Schooler, Chair and Treasurer
Don Dean
Jan Moen
Tom Wochos
Frances Ramsey
Ellen Carlson, Chair, Church Council
Joan Deming, Chair, Stewardship Committee
Ann Herrold-Peterson, Chair, Staff Parish Relations Committee
Olivia Hwang, Lay Member, Annual Conference
Tom Gobel, Liaison, Board of Trustees
Abby Ehringer, Lay Leader

Ex Officio:
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler, Lead Pastor
Sarah Flanagan, Director of Finance and Operations

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Ann Herrold-Peterson, Chair
Bobbi Foutch-Reynolds
Ellie Hein
Jonathan Drewsen
Kate Heling
Marilyn Smith
Ben Senson
Jesse Simpson, Liaison, Church Council
Abby Ehringer, Lay Leader
Doug Knudson, Lay Leader, Annual Conference

Ex Officio:
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler, Lead Pastor
Tina Lang, Senior Associate Pastor

Stewardship Committee

Joan Deming, Chair
Don Schultz
Max Varner
Milton Ford
Margo Fisher

Ex Officio:
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler, Lead Pastor
Sarah Flanagan, Director of Finance

Lay Members to the Annual Conference

Abby Ehringer, Lay Leader and Alternate
Bobbi Foutch-Reynolds, Lay Member
Doug Knudson, Lay Member
Olivia Hwang, Lay Member