All Means All

FUMC is a Reconciling Congregation, open to full participation of all persons, celebrating diversity of race, gender, national origin, religious background and sexual orientation.

A Timeline of Reconciliation at First United Methodist Church of Madison 

April 1991 - Rev. David Lyons preaches a sermon urging denomonation to move from condemnation and judgement to love and full acceptance of gay persons. 

Mid-1990's - Gatherings held to inform congregation of denomination's position on homosexuality and propose that FUMC offer a statement of inclusion. 

November 1999 - FUMC's Church Conference adopts the following statement of inclusion "Welcoming all without regard to race, gender, economic status, or sexual orientation."

November 2005 - Rev. Keith Schroerlucke writes a pastoral letter expressing pain over UMC's discrimination of LGBT persons. SPRC supports letter and reaffirms full inclusion of LGBT membership and ministry within FUMC. 

Fall 2006 - FUMC's Church and Society Committee began discernment about officially affiliating with Reconciling Ministries. 

2008-2009 - Reconciling Ministries team formed and Rev. Amy DeLong leads classes, book studies, meals, and film series focused on inclusion. 

December 2009 - Reconciling Ministries Team offers Reconciling resolution at FUMC's Church Conference. Resolution passes by unanimous vote. 

2010-2011 - Large contingent from FUMC supports Rev. DeLong in preparation and throughout church trial. 

January 2014 - FUMC forms and hosts Madison Area Reconciling Group to include Trinity UMC, Bethany UMC, and Sun Prairie UMC. 

March 2014 - Over 400 signatures are collected by Madison Area Reconciling Group in support of letter asking Bishop Jung not to initiate trials or defrocking of clergy who perform same-sex marriages. 

Summer 2014 - FUMC members participate in discussions and Governing Board adopts "A Resolution Regarding Marriage Equality."

October 2014 - Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Wisconsin. Rev. Carly Kuntz, Rev. Tina Lang, and seven other UM clergy officiate the first same-sex marriage in FUMC's sanctuary. 

June 2017 – TRANSforming Faith Event: a day-long conference for Trans youth, parents, faith communities, and the public to learn, heal, and make safe space together.

August 2108 – 2nd Annual TRANSforming Faith Event featuring keynote speaker, Sarah McBride, the National Press Secretary for Human Rights Campaign. McBride was the first openly transgender person to address a major party convention in American history, speaking at the Democratic National Convention in 2016.


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