FUMC Abroad

Daily reflections from FUMC's 2018 pilgrimage to England.

Day 3

Posted by MJ Wiseman on

A long day that started in London and ended in Bristol. But filled with some ancient history / archeology and much of the Wesley boys. Our first stop was at Stonehenge in Wiltshire. MJ (and some others) has had this on her bucket list (though not known as such) since her bachelor uncle returned from Europe in 1951. And even though we could not walk among the stones as he did, the site is amazing, wondrous, and mysterious. How our forebears managed to construct this when they did is amazing.

Then on to Bristol where we went to the New Room — the world’s oldest  Methodist building.

This was where in 1739 where people who wanted to become better Christians could meet. It operated a food bank, ran a school to educate children of the poor, organized visits to the local prison, and opened one of the first free medical dispensaries in the country. Sounds quite a bit like First Church, doesn’t it! There is a chapel, a museum (opened in 2017 which is fabulous in it’s appeal to children of all ages), and a cafe where we had tasty lunches.

We also walked to Charles Wesley’s house (his study pictured above) which we filled with a couple of his hymns. Yes, like all good Methodists over the generations, we are filling spaces with song.