FUMC Abroad

Daily reflections from FUMC's 2018 pilgrimage to England.

A Picture Tour of England

Posted by Tina Lang on

Some photos from an amazing Day 1 across the pond! Our travelers were so enamored with the trip they forgot to identify the sites below. Who can help us out? Leave a comment if you can identify any of these places (or the person in the last photo)! 

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We're Off!

Posted by on

12 travelers, ready to make our way to London and beyond. One of our first stops when we arrive in London is a private tour of Parliament with Lord Leslie Griffith, a lifetime peer in the House of Lords and recently retired pastor from Wesley’s Chapel. We’re all praying that...

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Join Us!

Posted by FUMC Madison on

Our group of faithful pilgrims departs on Monday, July 9, for 11 days across the pond. Each day, a different traveller will update the community - filling us in on the activities and graces of the day.  We're excited to follow along as they explore the roots of our United Methodist faith...

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