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Daily reflections from FUMC's 2018 pilgrimage to England.

Wrapping Up in Edinburgh

Posted by Tina Lang on

On this last day of our amazing pilgrimage to England and Scotland we took a day trip from Edinburgh to St. Andrews.

Do you recognize the beach? The soundtrack of Chariots of Fire May be running through your head because this is where the beach scene was filmed. And yes, St. Andrews University is where Prince William met Kate Middleton. We had no Kate and Wills sightings today though we did visit the university.

Outside the entrance to the university a plaque and the letters PH in stones in the pavement reminded us of Patrick Hamilton’s sacrifice for faith. 

Our next stop was a visit to the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral, once the largest cathedral in Scotland. At then on to the ruins of St. Andrews Castle where we were reminded of the sacrifice for faith made by George Wishart, condemned and burned at the stake for preaching Protestant beliefs.

We’ve had many sobering moments, many “aha” moments, many moments of laughter, and moments of longing for home are now creeping in. It’s time to say farewell to the countries that have hosted us so graciously and return to the place and people we love. Alarm clocks are set for 3:30 a.m. with departure from the hotel at 4:45 a.m. We are hoping for good flying weather (though the airlines have already texted about trouble in Chicago tomorrow!) and we are grateful to be held in your prayers as we make our way home.