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Stewardship in Review:

Some people groan at even the thought of the annual church Stewardship Appeal. Some sigh in resignation (though how else would our church provide for ministries we care about?). What if we re-frame that thought, and see Stewardship Season as a chance to celebrate the many ways God is working through First Church?

In the coming weeks, watch this space to hear what others find exciting in the life of our church, and in wider service. Each week until Stewardship Sunday on November 18th, some from our church family will write about what the church means to them – what’s exciting, inspiring, or pushes them to grow.

Our fall 2018 Stewardship Appeal is an “Invitation to Generosity.”  When we consider our own financial commitment to give through First Church in 2019, I hope we’ll see it as opportunity to grow our own faith by committing to growing as givers. –Joan Deming

Members and friends make donations to First Church in a variety of ways that best fit their lifestyle, budget and tax situation.  Here are some of the ways you can fulfill your gifts to First Church

  • Distribution from an IRA directly to FUMC. Many have used this with their annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
  • Donation of stock
  • Electronic giving through our website or GivePlus+ app
  • By Text to 608-535-5974
  • Monthly or Weekly giving envelopes

All of these ways will be options in the Stewardship packet which will be arriving in your mailbox in the next week. If you would like more information, please contact Sarah Flanagan.


Mike and I were married at FUMC twenty five years ago. First Church supported us as a couple in the early years of our marriage; and then encouraged us as parents as we added to our family. We financially support First Church’s ministries because we firmly believe in the inclusiveness First Church demonstrates every day; and First Church’s important direct ministries to our neighbors and beyond, who struggle with basic needs.

Mike and I envision the money we give to First Church as a pebble being dropped into a body of water. The pebble, or financial gift, makes an initial splash. However, the pebble’s most important power on the water is the ripples from the initial splash which grow continually outwards; becoming larger than the initial splash. That’s our money working and changing; joining with other member’s contributions, making valuable differences in our community and beyond which Mike and I could never do on our own. We hope you will join us on Stewardship Sunday, November 18th, in committing to support God’s work through First church in 2019. -Mike and Joyce O’Connell


Our Church’s outreach provides needed food assistance for hundreds of our neighbors each month. Our faith tells us to feed the hungry. Supporting the outreach of our Church has been an important component for our fulfilling our faith. Our food pantry provides groceries for 80 children, 130 adults between the ages of 18 and 60, and 70 seniors in a typical month. Our guests can access our pantry once per week. The pantry is open for one or two hours Monday through Thursday. Each session is staffed with 5 to 7 volunteers with groceries provided by Second Harvest, Community Action Coalition, and donations from church members and others. Almost all of our guests have shelter, many have jobs: they just need some help to avoid hunger.

Our Church’s food outreach also includes prepared meals. Each Wednesday we provide a hot breakfast followed by a worship service, a component of Hope’s Home Ministries. The Wednesday breakfast is staffed by a volunteer staff of 20 and serves up to 80 guests. In addition, our Church provides a hot meal at the Grace Episcopal Church’s Men’s Shelter the first Saturday of each month. Our Shelter meal is prepared and served by a volunteer staff and serves up to 150 guests. Lastly, in conjunction with La Follette High School, your Church provides sandwiches and snacks to the Beacon, an organization in Madison providing support for people in need.

Hundreds of our neighbors depend on First Church to avoid hunger. First Church provides the structure and volunteers to channel our society’s excess food resources to folks in need. By supporting our food outreach with your time, talents and treasure you do make a difference in our community. –Max Varner


From the beginning, I recognized in First Church and its congregation a living, breathing, adapting Christianity. We are challenged to live out the message of Jesus by serving and supporting our neighbors - all of our neighbors. We are invited to examine our faith intellectually. We are expected to look around and see where society is falling short, and find ways to fill the gaps, generously, in Jesus’ name. It is a blessing to do all of these things together as a community, and this is why I participate in and support First Church. I hope you will join our church community on November 18th, Stewardship Sunday, in committing to continue to support God's work through First Church in 2019. –Laura Kitslaar


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