The burden of what Jesus says is this: give it away. Give it away gladly. Make friends by your generosity. The door to a gospel future is by generosity, outrageous, intentional giving away in the present to create a viable future. 
- Walter Brueggemann

As United Methodists, we believe we are stewards: of the earth, of our communities, and of our relationships. The giving of our financial resources, as we are able, is one way we live into our role as stewards of this community. 

This year, we'd like to invite you to be stewards through missional giving. Our mission statement reads as follows: We seek to embody grace and hospitality in the manner of Jesus, nurturing our diverse spiritual journeys and joining together as a servant community to help realize a more loving and just world.

It's an invitation to reflect on how our ministries help bring this statement to life, and your role in the life, mission, and ministry of this church. Pull 10 people aside on a Sunday morning and ask them what brought them to this community and you're likely to hear about 10 different, vibrant ministries. From our outreach work through Hope's Home to our commitment to celebrating diversity in all its forms and every opportunity and program in between, we believe that we're doing something foundationally good here at First Church. Your gift helps ensure that our staff, programs, and building are well equipped to answer the bold calls of hospitality, diversity, service, and justice in the year to come.

Unsure of how much to give? That's okay! It's a common question and we know everyone's financial situation is different. For easy reference, consider the tables below. The first table shows possible gifts, based on income level and giving percentages. The second table breaks giving into quarterly, monthly, or weekly gifts to help you best manage your giving with your budget.

Still have questions? Please email us at . 

Download a Commitment Card here. 

Set up online giving here. 


We believe this is only the beginning of what our community can accomplish. Thank you for being a part of it!