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There is great hope for the future of our church. I have had conversations with a wide variety of our members and friends through the ‘Meet & Greets’ and other gatherings. There is great hope with many great ideas and visions. As we move through our stewardship time, I want to share in greater detail what is behind our “Leaping Forward" appeal and the strategic vision and budget that will emerge as a result of our financial commitments. I hope you find these helpful and inspiring for our future ministry together. I will write three blogs per week through Commitment Sunday...and perhaps beyond.
- Mark
Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler
Lead Pastor

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Leaping Forward by Growing Into Our Vision | Thursday's Thoughts

Posted by Rev. Dr. Mark A. Fowler on


There are so many ways in which our church has turned our slogan into a guiding question, "How are We Good for Downtown?" The challenges and opportunities for ministry invite and inspire us to live out the commitments of our faith through the life and work of our church. My blog posts this stewardship season have reviewed some of the ways I believe we can fulfill our vision.

I am so committed to our congregation's mission and ministry that I believe we need to find additional ways to invite others to join us. We engage between 450 and 500 people per week in our ministries. 300 to 350 people come on Sunday morning. My goal is for us to reach out in hospitality and provide opportunities that will engage 500 per week on Sunday morning by 2020 and 1,000 per week on Sunday morning by 2025. Hopefully, we will engage 1,500 per week in our ministries. We must join in the admonition recounted in II Thessalonians, "...do not be weary in doing what is right."

Join me in continuing to live into our Church's Vision:


In grateful response to the expansive love of God,

we offer ourselves and our community of faith,

in answer to the call to "do justice, love kindness and

walk humbly with our God."  (Micah 6:8)


Connecting to and experiencing God will be central to all we do.


We will embrace Christ-like hospitality in attitude as well as action.

Each one is welcome and will be accepted as a unique child of God.

We will invite, encourage, and celebrate diversity, studying and respecting

how our lives nourish others and how others nurture us.


We will affirm, nurture, and support diverse spiritual journeys

as we honor God through worship,

as we grow together through purposeful learning in community,

and as we participate in the relationships of our everyday lives.

We will engage one another as partners in ministry,

committed to growing leaders for the church and for the world.


We will extend God's love through respectful service to those in need

by sharing our time, our talents, and our resources.

We will serve our neighbors in downtown Madison and

expand outward into the world by collaborating

with other faith communities and other organizations.


We will engage in the life-giving practices of generosity,

extravagant love, and faithful care of God's creation,

following the example of Jesus who fully lived the commandment to

"...love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul,

with all your strength, and with all your mind: and your neighbor as yourself."

We do this trusting in Jesus' promise, "Do this and you will live."  (Luke 10:27-28)


Adopted by Church Council, May 26, 2009

- Mark