Responding to Hurricane Harvey

UPDATE: First Church is planning to send a team of volunteers to the Beaumont/Port Arthur area this fall. Dates are yet to be determined, but the travel will require 9 days. This allows for two travel days on either side of a five-day work week. UMCOR representatives tell us that the area is in need of people to volunteer and that gas and electric are up and running, and grocery stores and restaurants are open. Our team will be housed in a local church and will likely be helping tear out and clean up from water damage and possibly hang new drywall. If you’re interested in participating, please contact Tina Lang at   or 608-467-5108. 

Even before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the United Methodist Commission on Relief (UMCOR) had teams in place to help the people in the storm’s path. UMCOR can respond so rapidly because it collects supplies year-round and houses them at central distribution centers ready to be shipped out on short notice.

Now that cleanup efforts have begun, response teams are in need of more supplies. Each five gallon bucket of cleaning supplies costs $65. You can help by donating money to replenish the needed materials for more cleaning supply buckets or to fund the First Church response teams.

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