Our Senior high youth, and some of our adults, are headed to Appalachia! You can follow their photo diary on this page, or follow us as they take over our Instagram for the week! 

Update 7:


Home at last! Thanks to our youth, leaders, and community for making this trip possible, and so much fun!. See you next year!! (Well, hopefully we'll see you much sooner - like next Sunday!)

Update 6:


Hard at work...


Or hardly working?

Taking a break from the kittens to spend some time with a doggo!

Happy birthday ASP!

Our fearless leader!

Update 5:

Today was Tropical Thursday so we broke out the lei’s and danced our way to work. We kept working on our projects.

One team made a gate for the end of their wheelchair ramp and another had the exciting day of discovering what to do when your rental van gets a flat tire. 

Following a hard day of work, we joined the families we are serving for a picnic and played in the park for a while.

Following dinner, we took the entire group out to Papa Bears for some ice cream.

Then finally back to the center for relaxing on the porch. 

Update 4: 


Wednesday was wilderness Wednesday and we celebrated with little wild animal finger puppets.

Work crews continued working hard on our projects, putting up insulation, hanging drywall, doing siding, and more. One group even took some time to fix the shelf and organize the homeowners home library.

We also got water from a local well that's rumored to be the best water in the world!

Following our workday and showers that felt amazing after a long day of work, we returned to the center where after dinner, Nicole, a member of our team, shared her story in front of the whole group for the evening devotional.

Our evening gathering had us writing in Bibles that will be given to the families at the end of the summer and following that we gathered as our FUMC group around the campfire for s’mores. What a great way to end the day.

Update 3: 


Tuesday was Tattoo and Tie Dye Tuesday and the FUMC turned out.


We worked hard on our projects at our sites. When we weren’t working we hung out with puppies & kitties and the families we were working with. Earl had an adventure with a snake that you should ask him about some Sunday in church. Hopefully we won’t see any more snakes this week. 


In the evening we had a concert on the porch with Sycamore Hollow, a local country band that rocked it. After day two we are tired but feeling good about the progress we are making. 


Update 2: Monday was our first day on the worksite. One group is doing drywall in a back room so Monday was spent tearing out a ceiling, taking down paneling, and removing drywall. Breaks at this house were spent cuddling kittens.

A second site poured footings for a foundation and then will relay the flooring above it. The final group worked on siding and a wheelchair ramp.

When we returned to the center, after showers, we hung out on the porch for a while and played games. Following dinner we had an evening session where we thought about the difficult decisions that people living in poverty must make every day.


Sam even led the entire group playing guitar. 



Update 1:

We left FUMC bright and early with a blessing from our parents and friends.  


We voyaged across the US and with Jesus. 


Our group worshiped at Union Church in Berea, KY. This church’s started the first interracial college in the south and has a long history of Justice work, including helping bring a case to the Supreme Court to challenge segregation. Today Berea college is free for students and mostly provides education to poor people in the Appalachia region.


We arrived at our ASP site and had orientation on the porch, got our work assignments and concluded with games on the porch.




Our youth program includes 6-12th grades, with opportunities for Junior and Senior high fellowship. 

On Sundays, we exploring the Faces of First Church and learning about how faith plays out in in the lives of our community. We meet downstairs at 10:15 a.m. and would love to see you there! If you're interested in telling your story as a part of this series, or volunteering/getting involved in general, let   know.

FUMC is a reconciling congregation, which means you are welcome and celebrated here, just as you are. Come join us.